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Dairy-Free Thanksgiving!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The last few months I have not been eating dairy, and have felt soo much better for it, but I still wanted to make sure I could enjoy all the goodness of Thanksgiving!! I rounded up some recipes that I have tried, and some that I will try this Thanksgiving, and I thought I would share what I found!

Photo from last year (with my famous pecan pie) at my grammy's house

First of all, a dairy-free turkey is obviously not hard to accomplish, and this is the recipe we've adapted for the turkey this year... We already tested it this last Sunday for Friendsgiving, and it turned out so good and juicy that I asked Nephi to just make that exact turkey again for us. I mean... mostly for me, haha. I have been craving it now! The only thing we'll do is switch regular butter for Earth Balance. Nephi also added a meat tenderizer (Adolph's from Stater Bros) and sprinkled it all on the inside along with everything else.

Alright, is it just me or was stuffing gross when I was a kid, and now for some reason I love it??? I came across one from a vegan IG'er that I follow and it looks soooo good. I love that she is using a cornbread stuffing mix, YUM cornbread, so this is definitely going to be my go-to recipe for stuffing this year!

Yammmmmmsssss... Our friend Meagan brought these for Friendsgiving this year, and they are so simple, but seriously the most delish I've ever had! Again, we'll just sub the butter for Earth Balance (um.. can you sponsor..? I meannnn) Also, this photo is fake news, but it looks close! Just sprinkle some marshmallows on top... but not fully covered like you usually see for Thanksgiving yams. (Text recipe is real hahaha)

Okay this other vegan girl I follow really seems to know her stuff when it comes to mashed potatoes, so I'mma put my trust in her this Thanksgiving! This looks soooo good right??? And I'm suuuper intrigued by her secret ingredient!

Alright, every year my job is to bring THIS pecan pie to Thanksgiving dinner, because it is THAT good. There is no corn syrup in it like most pecan pie recipes, and it is seriously the best one you will ever have the pleasure of eating. MAKE THIS RECIPE. Just because of how excited me and my bro are about it obviously. (again, sub Earth Balance for butter and the tiny bit of milk for almond milk)

Okay, I will include a pumpkin pie recipe because Thanksgiving, but I'm sorry I hate pumpkin pie, and probably won't make this. This one looks pretty legit though. Good reviews! Meh. Whatevs. Haha.

One more desert. It's not a traditional Thanksgiving recipe, because it's chocolate cake, but VEGAN OR NOT THIS IS THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER AND I'M MAKING IT FOR THANKSGIVING. I first tried it because you can use one bowl for the cake and frosting, so it's super easy, and literally this is the best, most moist, fudgy, yummy chocolate cake ever! No one will even know it's vegan or think to ask. Basically, if Bruce Bogtrotter's cake appeals to you, make this. I discovered it about five years ago, and it's been my go-to chocolate cake ever since!

I know what you might be thinking now... what about the veggies?? Well, for me I am alllll about the carbs on Thanksgiving. I will usually add some corn to mix up with my mashed potatoes, (is that weird?) and then have a little salad or green beans or something, but it's def not the focus for me haha, so I don't go too crazy with fancy recipes. Nephi has definitely showed me how good fresh veggies cooked right can be though, so these garlicky green beans do look good, and I think we'll make these to go with our corn this year!

I'm also weird about gravy. I like gravy, but I don't like gravy made with the juice from the turkey, because it always has little weird floaties in it... like "what is that??" So, I always cheat and use the McCormick packets of gravy, and it's good, okay?! Don't judge my basic taste palette. Haha!

Anyways, if you need ideas for a dairy-free Thanksgiving with no stomach issues, (it's been worse since I've been prego honestly, haha) I hope you find something you can use here! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Love, Beth

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