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Frozen Fan Fest + A GIVEAWAY!

This past Wednesday we had the amazing opportunity as a family to go to the Frozen Fan Fest event in LA! We were able to see some sneak peeks from the new Frozen 2 movie as well as check out all the new merchandise for the film on display! (By the way... everything we saw is on sale starting today, October 4th!) I even have a swag bag of some of that new merchandise to give away at the end of this blog post!

As soon as we walked into the event, they had this amazing sled filled with plenty of carrots for Sven! We couldn't find Sven though, so Nephi took one for the team and stepped in...

On our way inside, we found this cute big guy with a little green problem, so Lili decided to help him out!

The decor inside and out was so fun! There was a beautiful Fall theme with lots of leaves to play in, but sprinkled throughout were crystals and snow too, of course, because... Elsa! Only the queen herself could bring all this magical snow to LA... (PS I will have the full photo credit at the end, but our very own little Eddy walked around with my camera and took the last pretty photo of the crystals below, all by himself!)

As soon as we got inside, it was a magical Frozen 2 wonderland!! Right in his element, Nephi wasted no time belting his best "Let it go" impression in an interview. ;)

The first thing that caught everyone's eye was, of course, the giant screen playing clips from the new movie! There was this really fun little remote control Olaf that the boys had fun with too. He was so funny and cute rolling around the floor on his little snowy tushy!

The kids then wasted no time finding aalllllll the cool new toys to add to their Christmas wish lists for this year! Lili and Eddy loved the new Frozen 2 Lego sets, and Leo couldn't stop playing with some Kristoff and Sven dolls he found. We even caught Eddy in action, capturing Lili on video!

After checking out the toys, we grabbed some refreshments and headed back outside for some fresh (hot) air. We got a lot of photos of the drink with a picture of Anna and Elsa on it, because it was sooo cute, but there were lots of yummy cookies, muffins, and other appetizers and drinks too! You can see Leo holding a little leaf sugar cookie! My little Eddy buddy and I hung out on the steps for a bit of an introvert moment, haha. PS... See the #FrozenFanFest in the photo with the drink?? Check out that hashtag here on Instagram to see more photos from everyone else who attended and captured the event!

We went back inside to play with the leaves in this fun photo op! Nephi had that influencer vibe down. ;)

I tried... hahaha.... but most of my photos looked like the one in the middle!

The kids asked to turn on the leaf blower multiple times... they were having waaaaayy too much fun in here!!!

Time for some selfies before we go! :) Can you believe how magical it looked in there??

Right before we left, we tried one more family photo, and Eddy was really excited about it, haha! But he turned that frown upside down as soon as we started walking out of Frozen Fan Fest, because each of us got an amazing swag bag!!! ...Which brings me toooo... our GIVEAWAY!!!

I have an extra bag to give away to one of you lucky Frozen-loving readers! Check it out below!

I will ship this fun Frozen 2 bag to one of you! And all you have to do to enter is subscribe to my blog here! That's it! I will announce the winner next week on Thursday, October 10th!

Love, Beth

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Kiara G.
Oct 05, 2019

This was so lovely to read, thank you for sharing! it looked like such fun. 😄💛


Nancy Hernandez
Oct 05, 2019

Awww what amazing family moments LOVE IT! ❤ Happy you guys had an awesome time! Thanks for sharing.

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