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A Renewal of Vows

Nephi and I recently celebrated our eleventh anniversary, and just got the final video edit of the event we did for our vow renewal! It was so special to watch it again and relive those memories. Seeing us read our vows to each other, the kids smiling up at us, the dreamy decor, and all of the loved ones who were there to support us was incredible. It was such a memorable day!

These are the wedding vows I wrote and shared with Nephi that day:

"Our love is a challenging one. Sometimes I wish for an easier one, but I know myself too well. I am never happy without a challenge. I am never happy in my comfort zone.

There are things about you that infuriate me, and those are also the things I love about you.

I love that we constantly push each other, because as uncomfortable as it is, that is exactly where the magic happens.

I love that you have the attention span of a child, because as exhausting as it is, life is more fun and full of possibilities.

I love that you question choices I make, because as much as it hurts my ego, discoveries about myself and yourself and our places in this world and with each other are made, even if it means we don’t agree in the end.

I love that you are all in with things you decide to do.

I love that we want different things in life because we learn more and experience more of the things we think we don’t want, only to find that we did all along.

I love that you are stubborn.

I love that you follow your own path.

I love that you are spiritual and open to spiritual guidance, even when the answer is inconvenient, because He always sees the bigger picture.

And the funniest thing about all of this, is I think you could say all the same things about me. We truly are a reflection of one another and while difficult to face, it has helped us grow and progress faster and more beautifully than I ever could have imagined. It’s difficult to face yourself every day. Strengths, weaknesses, flaws, insecurities.

We were brought together for a special purpose, and I am excited to continue learning something new, and creating something magical with you every day. And I promise to rededicate myself to you and us and our family every day, for the rest of forever."

Time is so funny. Back when I wrote these vows, I also wrote the words below representing each one of our children.

Lili is love

Eddy is wit

Leo is strength

Maya is hope

At the time, I was pregnant with Gio, but didn't know yet. I just knew that at some point we would have a Maya, and assumed she was the last and only one, haha! WOW. How time proves how little we really know!

Since we do have Giovanni, I'm going to add one for him that reflects what his personality brings to our family...

Gio is peace

Hope you're all having a happy and peaceful Sunday! God is SO good!

Love, Beth

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