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Eddy drew me a picture yesterday of Jesus on the cross, surrounded by people. Lili pointed out that some of the people looked like they were cheering, and I reminded her that, sadly, a lot of them were. He was really proud of it, and I was so impressed that he thought to do that on his own... it was really sweet.

He apparently kept thinking about it, because later he said, “Mom, Jesus died for us.” I said, “Yes, that’s right”, and he said,


It caught me off guard for a minute, his eyes looking into mine, wide and wondering. I told him it was because He loved us, but that didn’t feel like enough. Why did He have to die to show us that? I thought about it a little more and continued...

“Another reason is because of what happened after He died.. do you remember?” *shakes head* “He was resurrected! He is an example to us all of what will happen when we die. We will have eternal life some day. Just like Him, death will never be the end!”

That satisfied him, but it left me thinking a lot about the atonement, and what it truly means for all of us...

Gio is snuggled up to my belly right now, and he is so warm and cozy. It almost reminds me of my pregnancy, except even better because I can look down and see his cute little face. And it’s beautiful that I have this chance to have someone completely dependent on and trusting in me, someone I can give all my love to. And it’s amazing the joy that comes from that kind of selfless love, more joy than what has ever come from anything else.

Christ’s ultimate expression of love was achieved through that complete trust in and submission to someone. Someone that He knew had His best interests in mind, and a clear view of the bigger picture. Maybe that is why we are commanded to become as a little child, completely full of faith and willing to submit to the will of the ones with whom we are entrusted. In our case, as children of God, we are in His care and must always have faith in His plan for each of us individually.

“We can come unto Christ with the certainty that His desire currently is and always will be the best for our mortal and eternal lives. He has an eternal perspective that we do not have. We must come unto Christ with a sincere desire that our will be swallowed up in the will of the Father, as His was...

...Sometimes—in one way or another—we... can feel broken, whether due to our own actions or those of others, due to circumstances we can or cannot control. In such moments, we can place our will in His hands.”

Take time to talk to Him often to understand what He has in mind for you, and how to fulfill it, knowing it is a plan of happiness, and joy, and peace. Take time to ask him “Why?”

Love, Beth

*quote is from a talk by Walter F. González entitled “The Savior’s Touch”

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