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I Am the Cheetah

I dreamed last night of a cheetah getting into my home. I wanted it out, but didn't want to kill it. At some point, I thought its head had been cut off, but it was just an illusion. The cheetah was still alive after all, which I was relieved to find out.

As I pondered it this morning, I realized that I am the cheetah.

I am somewhat afraid of this new, fearless version of myself that is showing up in my life. Afraid that I won't be able to handle everything else that will come into my life along with this newfound strength. Afraid of enemies that may arise.

This morning I read in 2 Samuel, chapters 18-22, and before I was even conscious of the meaning behind my dream, I found relevant advice in my notes from these scriptures.

King David was a great example of the commandment to "love thy enemies". So many of the people that David loved in his life tried to hurt and kill him, and he always wept for them when they were gone.

Don't worry about those who don't like you. Accept that they are fighting their own demons, and spend time and energy on the people in your life who do love you. Who want to be a part of your life.

Be a peacemaker.

And forgive if you want to be forgiven.

Forgiveness is something I have come to love as my understanding of it grows, because it is a way to show me what in my life is keeping me from the light of Christ, and how to get it back.

And I can't keep shrinking if I want to keep that light.

Knowing that God is on my side enables me to grow, to keep the cheetah in my home, in my body. The cheetah is not the danger.

Trying to kill it is.

Love, Beth

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