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A Little Hippy

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I drove to a spot by my house one day to feel peace. My spot. I always feel the spirit there as I look out over the desert landscape, the lake, the mountains in the distance. I was there not just to gaze this time, but to climb the nearby hill to be with God, to feel His presence near.

As I hiked up the mountain I would notice different plants and animals leading me up the right path, since there is no trail. I remembered certain landmarks too, as I have done this hike with Lili and Eddy once each before.

Once at the top of the mountain, I saw two butterflies, the little white ones, swirl around a beautiful spot of wildflowers with a rock next to it that looked like an altar. I knew that was where I needed to pray. As I kneeled, I removed my hat and called on my Heavenly Father. I can't recall all the things that I said or exactly how long I spent talking to Him, or He to me, but I know at one point I saw so much light. There were no clouds in the sky that day, but it was as if the clouds had been covering the sun, and then moved away.

I was told that God has a mighty work for me. That I would need an army to accomplish this, and he would put certain people in my path as possibilities for aid. That I should ask Him for anything I should stand in need of along the way. For me, I knew this was in regards to the production company I felt inspired to start, and some of the other projects I have in mind. Each one should have the intention behind it of bringing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth, and anyone involved must also have this intention.

I walked back down the mountain endowed with a new sense of faith over fear and noticed a homeless man under a tree at the base of the hill. I distinctly felt that I should talk to him. I approached, saw him throw a rock at the tree in front of him very aggressively, and almost hesitated, but kept moving forward.

As I walked up to him and said hi, and asked him how his day was, he surprised me by reaching out with a hand to shake mine, and introducing himself. I could see and feel that he was completely of sound mind, maybe a misunderstood person, but under no influences. I told him my name was Bethanie, and we started talking. At one point he asked if I had seen him throw the rock, and seemed slightly embarrassed. I smiled and said yes, and then he started walking toward the tree, beckoning me to follow. I followed him to it, and we crouched down to look at some dead branches at the bottom.

He said he was trying to break off those dead branches from the tree, because they held bad spirits. He started picking up twigs and pointing out different branches around us that were alive and good, and others that needed to be plucked off. He pointed out some flowers and said that "they" hadn't taught him much about flowers yet, and referred to the spirit of Sacagawea and others who had gone before him.

I asked him if he was Native American, to which he replied, "Yes", and we continued talking for a bit longer. I thanked him for teaching me and told him that God had a special mission and purpose for him. I told him to go pray up the mountain as I just had, and we said goodbye to each other.

He headed up the mountain, and I headed on the path back to my car, instructed by God to keep walking forward, and not to look back, which I heeded. As I approached my car, I had to walk through a field of thick weeds. I was deciding the best way to go, when a beautiful, colorful butterfly sat on a plant in front of me, beating its wings slowly.

I felt drawn to it and moved forward, soon realizing that as it flew from plant to plant, landing and waiting, it was leading me on the best path out of the tares and tumbleweeds. I followed it until it flew to a spot that, from my point of view, looked too hard to pass through. I decided to go my own way at this point, and ended up stumbling on a steep hill with lots of loose rocks. I fell down HARD on my elbow, and immediately realized my mistake in not following the spirit sent to guide me when I thought I saw a better way. I course corrected back to the path I had seen the butterfly take, and felt God's infinite grace and love for me. I could put my trust in Him, and He would never steer me wrong.

Love, Beth

PS... This experience has shaped many of my decisions in the last couple weeks. I naturally take any story I hear or experience I have, and ponder on lessons I can learn and apply to my life. Nephi pointed out that maybe not everyone does that, haha, so I want to encourage whoever reads this to pray and ask what you personally get from this story for your path in life. <3

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