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What is a Mother?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

This morning I learned how to use my Fear as a tool, and these are the Inspired words that came from that Knowledge…

There is a Star in Bethlehem where someone became a Mother. Someone who had never been Mother to a human child, but had been a Mother in every sense of the word for her whole life leading up to that point.

She was beautiful, inside and out. She never let the cares of the world touch her, because she was eternally held always, and deeply knew it.

Life was a dance for her, and she moved easily from one part of her journey to the next, trusting that each next step she took was the Right Next Step.

And what does it mean to be a Mother if not all of those things?

A Mother is an open Vessel, constantly receiving from the Creator and then pouring that Wisdom upon all who thirst or hunger for it. She knows things are Easy when she follows where Divinity leads, and this cultivates a deep, profound sense of Peace within her at all times. She knows exactly when to hold and comfort, when to pause and Witness.

There is not a day that goes by where she is not in communion with her Maker, turning the will of the flesh over to the will of They.

She knows she was made for Greatness, and trusts the Divine to lead her into it. She trusts the Vision she has been given.

She sits under the Light of that Star. That Holy, Light-giving, Life-giving Star, and time stops. She is a master of time and space and Knows it is all one eternal round, and is therefore able to see in all times, directions, and dimensions.

And she knows how much power is held in the drop of this one. precious. moment.

She sees the baby’s cry for what it is. Holy, purifying, a chance to Awaken to what is coming next.

This underlying Calm has never truly evaded her, even from the birth into her own mortal body, and it has allowed her to cultivate a sense of Wonder and Magic in everything she does. She sees Possibility everywhere. She sees Color everywhere, Music.

She answers to no one but her Soul’s Creator, and uses both Peace and Fear, both Day and Night as her tools. As her path to Greater Wisdom and Knowledge. Universal Light.

She is a Mother.

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