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Baby Gio's Birth Story!

Well, Gio is officially one week old, so I think it's finally time to share his birth story! (Along with his very first hospital photos at the end of this blog post, which are SO CUTE. Thank you Carolina!!!) Have you seen online, how some hospitals are putting the newborn babies in stockings?? They totally did that at ours, along with a little candy cane striped hat to match!! I was so excited when they brought him in from his bath. I love having a Christmas baby!

Now... our story begins on the afternoon of December 12th. I was trying to decide if I felt up to going to a Christmas cookie exchange party that night. I ended up making the cookies, getting ready, and going. It was nice to see friends and get dressed up and bake.. and eat.. cookies. ;) It also got my mind off of wondering when I would ever go into labor! I was checked at 2 cm two weeks prior, 3 cm one week earlier, and was at 4-41/2 cm at my most recent appointment, with contractions on and off pretty much every day. It was getting confusing, haha. Anyways, it was a really fun night, and when I got home, since Nephi was up late working, I was feeling restless, so I just sat up in bed playing games and reading and stuff.

Around 2 am, I went to the bathroom and thought there was some fluid possibly leaking, but I wasn't 100% sure since my water didn't break all the way. I felt a little more once I sat back down on my bed, but since it was so little, I was really hesitant to start calling people. By this point it was about 3 am, and I was getting super tired, haha. Nephi was also supposed to be doing a big music video shoot the next day with Lili and Brandon for Frozen 2, so I didn't want to have him cancel if it was another false alarm. I decided to call the on-call doctor before we called anyone else, to see if we could wait until later in the morning before coming in. I probably woke her up because she sounded pretty annoyed haha, but she did say if I thought there was amniotic fluid leaking, I should go in right away. I reluctantly told Nephi, since I was sure they would send me home again! He texted Brandon to cancel, and luckily, the night owl he is, he responded right away and asked if we needed him to come watch the kids... SO helpful since no one else was awake at this time to come over!

We left around 3:30 and got to the hospital, where they checked me at 5 cm and confirmed that it was amniotic fluid leaking, and then told us we were being admitted! I think I said something along the lines of ... "Wait, so I'm having a baby today??" It hadn't hit me yet at all! We got settled into a room where they decided to monitor my contractions for a while to see if they would get stronger on their own. They didn't, so I was started on Pitocin, which still didn't seem to do much of anything. Around 8 am they broke the rest of my water, and the doctor mentioned that maybe I would have the baby around noon. I remember thinking there was no way it would be that fast with how slow the contractions were going!

Around 9 am they asked if I wanted an epidural, and said that if I did, now would be the best time. For some reason I was so worried that it was going to slow my labor down even more. I don't know why, but I was so hesitant to get it. I kept going back and forth and couldn't decide if I wanted one or not. I kept thinking since my contractions were slow and steady, maybe I could handle giving birth without it. I just hate being all hooked up to tubes and catheter and not being able to stand up after giving birth.. just... yeah. But then again, if it was going to get really intense, maybe I should just relax and not have to worry about pain. Anyways, I kept going back and forth, knowing if I didn't just decide... it might end up being too late if I did want one!

I ended up having this kind of weird/funny, but sweet, experience when I was resting/debating in my mind, where I felt like I was talking to Gio (in adult form), telling him I couldn't decide if I should get an epidural or not. He had a very light-hearted personality that reminded me of Nephi. He kind of laughed and said something like, "You know, life will give you lots of opportunities for pain, you don't always have to bring the suffering on yourself.." I kind of laughed with him, because I really do that more than necessary, or my indecision leads me to it, haha... Anyways, once I opened my eyes, I decided to ask for the epidural. I had a feeling I shouldn't wait too long, but I still waited until I had about five painful contractions, to be sure it was real, before I finally called them.

I found out that the anesthesiologist wouldn't be ready for about half an hour, and I started to get worried, because the pain was finally getting a little more intense with every contraction. Finally, just after 11, they came in and got everything started. (Nephi texted my parents at 11:19 to tell them I was getting it. I gave birth at 12:06!) As I was trying to be still for everything they were doing while having more contractions, I started to think I definitely waited too long, but I still expected relief soon! The anesthesiologist said it would start to feel less and less intense until finally around 15 minutes everything would kick in. So I laid down and waited.

My legs started to get a little numb, and the contractions still brought pressure, but I could feel the intensity going down, or maybe I thought it was in my head since that's what I was expecting, haha! But I started smiling and relaxing a little, talking to Nephi again... and then all of a sudden I had another contraction... and another shortly after! I could still feel pretty intense pain, but I was telling myself, "It's okay, just breathe, it will go away any minute now...". Meanwhile, I called Nephi over to hold my hand!... squeeze his hand... ;) Needless to say, nothing "went away"... The contractions just started coming stronger and closer together. (Thinking about it is making me feel sick!... but that's probably just the postpartum cramps kicking in again, haha) So back to the intensity I was now feeling...

I asked Nephi to push the button again for the epidural medicine. Meanwhile, the nurses in the room tried to tell me it was probably too soon to push it again, and it may not work at this point. I didn't care, I tried anyway! But I guess they know what they're talking about, because nothing changed except the contractions felt SO close together now. At this point I was squeezing Nephi's hand like crazy, he probably couldn't feel his fingers anymore! And then...

I started feeling like I needed to push! (It hadn't even been an hour since I got the epidural, and probably not even an hour since I was still having zero pain!) I couldn't believe how fast everything was happening, and the pressure was so intense. I think I started crying at this point and probably pushed the epidural button one more time out of desperation, but they checked me at a 9, and then when I started pushing shortly after, they started calling everyone in the room, which I was only vaguely aware of.

Nephi was still holding my hand and reminding me to breathe... which I was also only vaguely aware of, haha. And then once everyone was in the room telling me to push, WOW, I was really hoping it was almost over, because it stung so bad! (With Lili, my natural birth, the pushing part actually felt great, like it was relieving the pressure, but this was so different!) Anyways, I kept pushing a little at a time, and they all of a sudden told me I was almost done! I remember Nephi saying he could see him! They told me to push a little more, and it stung so much, but I was motivated now...

And then, finally... Success! My little precious baby was here!! This time I was crying out of joy! He was so cute! And I forgot how tiny he would be! They put him on my chest, and I just became completely overwhelmed with joy and relief! He was so sweet and perfect. He didn't cry very much, and it kind of reminded me of when Eddy was born. I could feel the doctors stitching me up and doing everything else, but it was easier to handle while snuggling Gio. Then they informed me that I only had one tiny tear... Hallelujah!... With all my other deliveries I tore in multiple places and recovery was so painful. (This past week so far has been amazing as far as that part of recovery goes, haha. Suuuper minimal pain. Yay!) Since the epidural hadn't really kicked in I was able to get up and walk to the bathroom pretty soon after delivery too. It was so nice not to be stuck in bed, and I was able to move to the recovery room right away.

Our friend Heather, who had been watching the kids, brought them to come see us soon after that. They were SO excited to finally see Gio! Leo said it still looked like I had a baby in my tummy. Eddy said he thought Gio was going to be even smaller! They were so cute, haha. Lili was just like a little mama and really wanted to stay the night with me in the hospital. Nephi ended up going home with the kids in the end, so in hindsight, I wish I had let her stay with me... But I know the boys were probably comforted to have her at home with them at night. She is such a good big sister!

They all took turns holding Gio while we watched cartoons, and were all so sweet with him in their own ways. As for me, I was in heaven over the next couple days. Newborns are the most precious gift. They bring the most beautiful spirit in the room, and I always have moments of sadness after giving birth for the babies born into the world that don't immediately, or ever, have someone realizing that about them, how sweet and pure and precious they are. How much of a gift they are, with unlimited potential for life if given the love they deserve. It's such a big responsibility to bring one of these little ones to the world, and the weight of it is not lost on me. I wish I could do more and be more every day... Anyways, it's getting a little heavy in here, haha...

You know what I will miss when he's not a newborn? Well, lots of things, but he has the hairiest little ears that I just love. I have to measure how long it is one of these days, because it is SO long, especially on the left ear, haha. He's started opening his eyes more and the kids get excited every time they see it. :)

Maybe two days ago I looked into his little eyes and they seemed so expressive all of a sudden, like they'd seen so much of the universe already before coming here. It was as if he was very aware of exactly what his purpose in life was. And then yesterday while he was awake, I was playing with his hands and he was just looking at them, at me, around the room. It is so sweet at this age to see their little brains learning so much as they take the world in. I remember thinking that with my other kids as newborns too. He is awake now right next to me, and the look in his eyes, the feeling from him is so pure, I just want to soak it up forever. I love the way he breathes, the little sounds he makes, wow! I'm obsessed, haha. I'm sure there's someone out there who adores their baby more than me, but I can't imagine that it's actually possible! ;)

Emmanuel Giovanni, I will always promise to do my best for you and your brothers and sisters. I love you all so much it hurts to think about... I just want every good thing in the world for you.

Love, Beth


Please welcome Emmanuel Giovanni Wadley Garcia, born December 13, 2019 at 12:06 pm. 8 lbs, 1 oz, and 21 inches long. <3

We started with the stocking, because, I mean...

And then we got all the cute little detail shots...

Shots with mom...



We can't get enough of him!!

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