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Thoughts & Prayers

I want to make a case for this statement. For its use and power. It’s become something seen as careless when it’s clearly more powerful than what any man can do on this earth.

That’s the deception evil has played. Making thoughts and prayers seem trivial and useless when they are the most powerful tool we have as mortals on earth.

Everything ever created in this world is first created with a thought.

Mountains fall, highways and skyscrapers are built, babies are born, revolutions are started, and none of it would be possible without first, a thought.

And no matter what you want to call this higher power, whether you believe it comes from above or within, there is in fact a REAL power that comes from calling on someone or something bigger than yourself.

If you ask me, I believe it comes in the form of Jesus Christ, who speaks on my behalf, by my side, when I commune with the Father. He makes up what I am lacking so that God can use me as a mighty sword of truth.

And the more I speak my thoughts, and the more I speak my prayers, the more powerful I become. And it’s not my own power, but God’s.

For the longest time I was so afraid to use that, to acknowledge it’s existence. To be mocked for believing in thoughts and prayers.

But I’m not afraid anymore.

Men or women with their own mortal fears can mock me all they want. But God’s power is bigger than all of them. He gives me boldness. He gives me strength. He is ever patient and loving. And He is there for YOU. He SEES YOU, and He is waiting for YOU to reach out.

Thoughts and prayers.

Love, Beth

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