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On the morning of March 7th, I had the sweetest experience with Lili and Gio, and I want to share it with all of you! Lili had been having a hard morning, and came to snuggle with Gio to feel better. (He’s very healing. 🤍) Anyways, I started telling her how I saw her... a beautiful ray of light in this world, who is so special to our family, to me. I told her how Gio sees her. I reminded her of his love for her. He truly LOVES that girl and smiles whenever she is near him! We went over all the good and special and unique things about her, her superpowers, if you will.

And then I told her about my “superpower”. That word has been on my mind ever since Cassey Ho put out the challenge to discover what your superpower is. As I’ve drawn nearer to Christ lately, that power within me, that power that comes from Him and flows through me in order to reach others, has been magnified. I’m still learning and growing into it, but I’ve been given the ability to see the beauty of someone’s spirit, and share that with them, if they are willing to see. It’s something I have had experiences with throughout my whole life, but again, feels magnified now as I have come closer to God through Christ.

We started talking again about Lili‘s “superpower”. I shared with her what I saw, because she was struggling so much that she didn’t see it herself. I told her that she has the ability, the gift, to love everyone; every person, every animal, every living thing. And that the more she feels that power and uses it, the more she will realize that everyone loves her too. And with that love also comes the power to be able to understand what someone is saying, truly saying, even if what comes out of their mouth is different, or unrecognizable. It’s almost the same way that I can see visually if someone’s physical body does not match the appearance of their spiritual body, or what their spirit longs for. Lili has always done this, ever since she was a child. She’s always told me she can understand animals, trees, etc. I just reminded her. 🤍

She started feeling better and talking to Gio. He was smiling and cooing and had SO much to say to her. I told Lili what I heard coming from him. That he loved her so much, that she was so beautiful, and also that he gets a little impatient to grow up sometimes!... and then I saw the shift in her. I saw her lean into her superpower, to call on that power that comes from God and flows through us, and all of a sudden she realized that she also understood everything Gio was saying to her.

She too heard what I said, about him seeing how beautiful she is, and then took it further. He started getting louder as he talked, and seemed a little upset... “Mom, he’s saying he doesn’t wanna forget what it’s like when he gets older, what it’s like in heaven... He’s sad, because he wants to grow big and strong, but he doesn’t want to forget about Heavenly Father and Jesus.” I told Gio not to worry, because as he gets older and starts to forget, I’ll teach him about Heavenly Father and Jesus and Heaven. 🤍

He started getting more and more fussy, and Lili got emotional too. I could see that she really and truly FELT this, and empathized with him. We talked about how hard life is sometimes, and I grabbed his pacifier to soothe him. “You might not know why, but this will make you feel better!” I said, as I popped it in his mouth. We laughed, because he furrowed his brow, looking confused, but couldn’t help but start to fall asleep. Suddenly, Lili looked up at me with a grin and a twinkle in her eye... “Mom, Gio just said something funny. He said, ‘Why does she always put this thing in my mouth when I’m trying to talk??’” Again we laughed together. Gio drifted into a deep sleep, (it’s nap time!) as Lili and her superpower skipped happily out of the room and outside to play.

Love, Beth

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