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The Green Jacket

Early this morning I was reminded of this very special project we filmed and then released on July 4, 2017. It was so meaningful to me that Nephi asked me to be a part of it, and I really did my best to get into character and feel the spirit of what his Lola went through. It is done in the style of a fashion video, and the imagery is so beautiful and powerful. I don't think enough people watched this because it wasn't Disney related, and I feel like more people should see it and hear her story.

Here is what Nephi wrote about it...

"The Green Jacket" (as told to me by my grandmother about her experiences during the war)

"Hand in hand, we were looking at the stars. The faint noise of the explosions are still inescapable. I did not mind it. I finally had him with me. Next to me. I dreaded what tomorrow might bring. He would be back in the war, so I tried to not think about it too much. Breaking the silence I said, "I would like to buy you a green shirt one of these days! You'd look very handsome in green." He looked at me and said, "I probably won't be able to wear it since I have to wear my uniform every day." We continued to gaze at each other and back at the stars. He left very early the next morning. I got up and got ready for the day. I got my three year old son ready as well. Right about when I was done cooking the rice, one of my husband's friends who was also in the service barged into our little hut, exhausted from running, and fearfully gave me the heartbreaking news. "Your husband is dead. He got shot at the bridge, trying to keep the Japanese from crossing it." I did not even have the time to process it in my head, but my heart was already yearning for him, his comfort, his embrace. Scattered, I picked up my son on my right arm, and the small pot of rice on my left, knowing I would have to make it last for a while. I ran away as far as I could. I dug a hole in the ground, deep enough for me and my son to hide. I covered the top with twigs and leaves, hoping that it would conceal us from the enemy. After hiding for three days, the noise finally stopped and I felt it was safe to come out. We were rescued and were able to finally find safety. We were brought back to our town by locomotive, and as soon as we arrived, we were greeted by the soldiers, handing out food for everybody. My husband's brothers met me and brought me to my husband's grave. He had the biggest wooden crucifix and was separated from the rest of the fallen soldiers. After many years, his remains were moved and were buried with our countries' heroes." My lola was often heard singing "The Anniversary Song" throughout her life. It was her favorite song, and one she often sang with her husband before his passing. She was singing it right before she passed away, as she finally reunited with her long, lost love."

With that said, please enjoy this short video dedicated to Victoriana Dulay Lopez.

Love, Beth



Nephi Garcia and Tony Ross



Bethanie Garcia as Victoriana

Edward Garcia as Fred



MAKEUP BY Bethanie Garcia


Wig is Fashion


Joseph Wadley


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1 Comment

Nov 09, 2019

Bethany, so meaningful the story of the green shirt. Gave me chills to think about what his grandmother went through first to find out her husband was killed and then to protect her 3 year old and keep him safe. You ayed the part well! I love to see your family on Instagram and all the beautiful creations of your so talented husband. Hope you are feeling well as your final month of pregnancy with Gio. Maybe he will be born December 10th which is my sons birthday! May Gid continue to bless you and your beautiful family always!

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