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The Healing Spot

Last week I brought my kids to the park for a detox from their phones... They had played on them while I was at my acupuncture appointment, and I came home to little Minecraft and Roblox zombies! It had been raining all that day, but stopped at the perfect time for them to get some sunshine in. As they chased each other back and forth in the grass and on the playground, they acted out one of their video games in real life. The game revolved around Pokémon, specifically Mew and MewToo, and as they played, Eddy suddenly yelled out, “I’m gonna go to the healing spot!” You can imagine how happy I was when I found out that the bench Gio and I were sitting on was the “healing spot”. I squeezed Eddy into a great, big hug, and thought about that. It felt profound.

I’ve been feeling anxiety again lately and I think I need to get out of the house and into nature again today... I keep questioning every prompting I get and wonder if it is light or distraction.. I don’t know why it’s so hard lately, but this morning while I studied the scriptures and prayed, I did get a bit of reassurance from the spirit that if my intention is to follow God’s path, I should just keep taking steps forward even when I’m not 100% sure. If I do ever misinterpret something, He won’t let me wander in the wrong direction for very long.

I know from experience that one way to be sure of His voice is to practice hearing Him every day. I do this every morning when I read scriptures, journal, pray, and ponder before the noise of the day starts, but I’ve just been impressed with another very important, very sacred way to feel the peace in my soul that only He provides...

(From my journal) “Gio is awake and talking now, and I want to write this down to remember... Looking into my children’s eyes, basking in their glow and pureness and presence, is something that will always center me and bring peace. Interacting mindfully and with full presence when I am with them brings me closer to light, to the Savior. I feel that.”

And just like that, I’ve found my Healing Spot.

Love, Beth

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