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Top 10 Christmas List for Kids with TOO MUCH ENERGY!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Okay, I don't really think a kid can have too much energy... In fact, I love my (current) youngest's level of energy most days! I know if I encourage it, even though it can be exhausting at times, he will do anything he sets his mind to throughout his life! Without any direction though, he has been known to wander the house like a tiny Godzilla leaving crazy messes everywhere! This is why when we dressed up to see Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland a while back, he was Tigger! I have found some gifts from Christmases and birthdays past that help us a lot, and some that are similar to what we have and do, to hopefully help you direct your children's energy in a positive way too! *this post contains Amazon affiliate links* **also though, everything I post here is something I legitimately LOVE**

This door gym is one of my biggest lifesavers. Whenever it is too cold out or I have something I need to be doing, all of my kids enjoy this! Once you have the bar secured to the door frame, it is so easy to switch the different parts out, and we have never had a problem with it not being secure enough to hold our 4, 6, or 9 year old. I've actually been thinking about getting one of these for each of their doors so they could be swinging or playing at the same time if they want, but honestly they have fun playing on it together and taking turns even just with the one. I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS.

My husband and I were at the tumbling gym by our house for our children's classes this last week, and could not stop laughing, because Leo literally hops to every station... He holds our hands going anywhere and just jumps nonstop! I don't think it's possible for him to walk or sit for very long, haha. Anyways, we have a big outdoor trampoline in the backyard, but sometimes when we have a movie night, or are sitting to craft or draw, it is hard for him to make it the whole time without getting up and running around. This indoor trampoline has been perfect for that, because he still gets to hang out with us and do the same activity we are, while getting some energy out whenever he starts to get antsy!

I decided to get one of these because we were at a school carnival last summer for my older two, and my youngest stayed at this game almost the entire time we were there! He LOVES to play cornhole, and I like that this one has different point levels too. It makes it fun also for the older kids. I like to challenge him to get it into certain holes, stand back different distances, throw it over or underhand, use his left hand instead of his right, etc. He has so much fun with it!

I like this for all the same reasons as the cornhole game! This was the other game at that carnival that he spent SO much time at, and wanted me to play with him the whole time... If only it had been placed in the shade, haha!

This seemed kind of silly to spend money on, because we go hiking a lot and can do this same activity with the rocks outside, but again, these have been good for days when we can't get out of the house. If you're handy, you could probably even make some of your own! I like these, because unlike some other sets, they have different heights for each "stepping stone", and non-slip bottoms. You can also incorporate color into your play! My son has fun seeing how far he can jump from stone to stone, and it is so great for his coordination and balance!

Okay, I don't know about you, but there was nothing more ICONIC to my childhood than one of these classic Sit'n Spin toys! Hahaha. I remember going crazy with my brothers and sisters in our kitchen, trying to see who could spin the fastest! I haven't bought one of these for my youngest little man yet (omg he won't be the youngest anymore come Christmas! huhuhu), but this is definitely going to be under the tree this year, and I can't wait for him to make memories with his siblings the same way I did! I am 100% sure he will be obsessed with it!

These foam blocks are a lifesaver, because all of my kids love to build, but only one of them LOVES to build purely so he can knock it down... I think you can guess who I am talking about. ;) Anyways, these blocks keep him having fun with his siblings who will be building with Legos usually, and keep him away from destroying their creations since he has his own! Also, it's not a loud crash every time it comes tumbling down, which is nice for me, haha. This was the best deal I found on Amazon for this amount of pieces in a set!

As much as Leo likes to destroy things, on the flip side, he is ALWAYS the first to offer to help me clean up! (another perk of a high energy child!) This is his favorite to use, because everything in the kit actually works for real cleaning, and it's my favorite because he doesn't take the broom away from me anymore every time I'm trying to sweep the floor!

I don't own one of these yet, but I have a feeling this will be a favorite on Christmas morning this year! We do something similar to this when we play together, where we have him act out different animals, or spin like a helicopter, etc, just getting him to use his imagination in an active way. This looks perfect for the times when I am otherwise occupied and he needs a simple way to direct his energy, without me having to get a bunch of toys out. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE. (especially for that price!)

Alright, this last gift might seem counterintuitive to this list, but hear me out. I have found that sometimes when Leo is running around destroying things, he actually is OVERstimulated and doesn't need any of this stuff... Better yet, he just needs some quiet, quality time with me to feel peace again. This is something we have that he LOVES, because besides being an energetic guy, his love language is very much focused on quality time. So whether we are playing an active game together, or just talking and reading a book, as long as I am 100% focused on what I am doing with him, he soaks it all up. And he shows me what he needs too. If we are reading and he can't sit still, it's time for something active, but if all these active games are being used and he is still being destructive, a snuggle and this little card "game" of questions has been our go to lately.

I hope you find some helpful ideas on this list for your own little Tigger! Happy Holidays!

Love, Beth

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